Birgit Reimer


Birgit Reimer teaches yoga in the lineage of the Iyengar family and their certified senior Iyengar teachers Ben Thomas, Elise B. Miller and Jaki Nett for over 10 years. She continuously travels to Pune/India to study with the Iyengar family. Birgit teaches asanas and pranayama and offers meditation and yoga nidra in various yoga studios. Her background in medical Qi Gong, energy work, Reiki and Zen meditation contributes to holistic healing.

In March 2013 she received the yoga for scoliosis certificate through Elise B. Miller's teacher training for scoliosis program. She works in a recovery program for former drug addicts in San Francisco and teaches staff members at the VA. She offers therapeutic private yoga sessions for scoliosis, back care and other physical imbalances and sessions to study advanced asanas and pranayama.


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