Christine Clarke

Christine Clarke, RYT

Christine has been a student of yoga since 1992 and teaching yoga and offering workshops and retreats since 2003. She is a multi-certified registered yoga teacher.

Several years ago while practicing yoga in front of a mirror Christine observed an imbalance between her hips and shoulders. Could this be the cause of the stiffness, compression and achiness she felt in her back and hip? Yes. Moderate right thoracolumbar scoliosis was diagnosed. Until then, she had been practicing yoga with an asymmetrical spine and actually making the condition worse by creating more weak and tight spinal muscles. This changed after studying with Elise Browning Miller. Christine learned how to modify yoga postures to compensate for the imbalances created by her scoliosis and has successfully minimized the effects of her scoliosis.

Discovering that she had scoliosis and learning how to compensate for the imbalances it created, empowered Christine. She realized that her condition was actually a blessing. It was the catalyst that moved her professional focus from a corporate realm to healing and well-being.

Christine continues to work with her own scoliosis, focusing on how to work with the postures therapeutically. Using her experiential knowledge of scoliosis, Christine works one-on-one as a scoliosis yoga trainer and empowers her students to feel more at home in their bodies while alleviating pain and stiffness, improving postural alignment, and creating muscular strength and balance.

You will receive a customized treatment plan of yoga postures that will focus on lengthening the spine, stretching muscles that have become tight, strengthening muscles that have become weak and de-rotate the spine and ribs, creating more balance and harmony in the body. You will also learn how to link your breath with the movement of your body.

In addition to working with students one-on-one, Christine teaches group classes of several styles of hatha yoga including Kripalu, Sivanada, Yin, yoga and improving your golf game, Ashtanga and Anusara. Christine’s teaching style honours each student’s capabilities and limitations, is high energy and hands-on. She supports nurtures and motivates her students with her sense of humour and compassionate nature. Her classes offer options that are mindful of life stage, age, overall health and body type.

Currently Christine is a yoga therapist candidate studying with Yoga Therapy Toronto, specializing in scoliosis and back care.

For more information contact Christine at: or 416.250.8529