Nancy Desert Lizard Heraty

My yoga journey began as a student in 1995 as a way to strengthen my weak back. I was suffering from low back pain and sciatica. In 2002, I began to teach what I loved to do for myself. Several years later, I met Gabriel Halpern, renowned Iyengar teacher, and began to explore the world of Iyengar yoga and yoga therapeutics under his teachings at Yoga Circle in Chicago. I continued to learn more about yoga and its benefits for the spine, and learned to heal my own spine’s issues.

Upon meeting Elise Miller at a workshop in January 2009, I was drawn to her training practicum to become a Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher. I completed the training in San Francisco in August 2009, and finished the practicum work in January 2010, and soon after, I assisted Elise in her workshop at Yoga Circle.

I continue to deepen my yoga studies as an assistant and apprentice to Gabriel Halpern at Yoga Circle in Chicago, IL where I also teach. This added to work with other senior Iyengar teachers, Lois Steinberg, George Purvis, Laurie Blakeney, Manouso Manos, as well as Eddie Modestini and Niki Doan, and more, I am a lifelong student. I teach classes and workshops in the western suburbs of Chicago as well as privately. I am a generalist, as I teach to all body types, and I am a specialist, as I teach for the curves of scoliosis.

My spiritual life journey has taken me on a path to share yoga on Jungian inspired Retreats and Vision Quests in Wisconsin, Chicago, and Sedona, Arizona, led by my soulmate Red Bear. I am also an accomplished clay artist, which combined with yoga, brings an opportunity to teach yoga to young aspiring artists at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My clay journey was mentored by Mata Ortiz potter Juan Quesada and Michael Wisner at Anderson Ranch in Colorado.

As a teacher, I bring my soulful creativity, passion and love into my yoga journey, influenced by ancient traditions and the variety of mentors in my life. This wide ranging palette follows me into my teaching. To quote Tom Robbins: "There are only two mantras, YUM and YUCK, mine is YUM."

Contact information:
phone: 708-404-9642