Misato Matsuoka

Misato is the first certified Japanese teacher yoga for scoliosis and was trained in the USA. Misato has been a highly respected masseuse since 2000 providing healing massage for back pain, scoliosis, headache and other discomforts in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Japan. She has also translated the yoga for scoliosis booklet in Japanese. She is also continuing her study in Pilates.

At the age of 12, she was diagnosed with a structural left lumbar scoliosis of 27 degrees with a compensating right thoracic curve. She used to have a brace for 2 years. Thanks to Elise she has successfully used yoga to heal her own scoliosis. She wants to expand this wonderful practice to help Japanese and other people with scoliosis, no matter where or how old they are. Misato teaches Yoga for Scoliosis in both English and Japanese privately and also have Yoga Classes in Osaka, Japan (near Osaka Castle) on weekends. Massage treatment can also be provided for private sessions. One of her students has decreased her curvature from 38 to 27 degrees in four months and that has encouraged Misato to continue this work in healing people with scoliosis.

www.geocities.jp/yogaforscoliosis (Japanese)
www.geocities.jp/yogaforscoliosis/index-en.html (English)