Narelle Carter-Quinlan

Narelle has been passionately engaged with embodied yoga, dance and movement practices for over 45 years. Based in Brisbane, she directs Yoga.BodyTorque and Studio Scoliosis, specialising in yoga with scoliosis, backcare, and spinal anatomy. Narelle offers the only service of its kind in Australia. Her yoga practice and teaching are sourced and anchored within her formal training as an Iyengar teacher and apprenticeship with senior Iyengar teacher Alan Goode, with whom she began studying in 1990. Her ongoing signature inquiry and that which she ignites in her students, is of the body as felt, known, poetic space - the Embodied Ecology of our interior terrain; her teaching is infused with a rich “experiential anatomy”. Enriched by her extensive study of developmental movement patterns and asana with Donna Farhi, (whom she has assisted and taught spinal & SIJ anatomy and pathology within Teacher Trainings and Intensives), Narelle continues her study in embodied asana with Amy Matthews in Manhattan. She has twice had the joy of human dissection in Integral Anatomy Intensives with Gil Hedley during 2011.

In 2008-2009, Narelle undertook Elise Browning Miller's Yoga Therapy for Scoliosis Training in San Francisco and subsequent research Practicum. She has assisted Elise within her Teacher Trainings on several occasions. Narelle visits New York City regularly, presenting her spinal anatomy Workshops and studying with Alison West & Deborah Wolk at Yoga Union Backcare and with Genny Kapuler. She also teaches yoga with scoliosis and spinal anatomy Workshops and Professional Development trainings in Europe.

From 2001-2007 Narelle served as Senior Tutor in Anatomy, Histology and Physiology, and tutored in Functional Anatomy and Pathophysiology at Queensland University of Technology. She has lectured at The Australian College of Natural Medicine for two years in Systemic and in Musculoskeletal Anatomy. In yoga circles, Narelle is renowned for her radiant Powerpoint presentations and deep, yet playful teachings on Spinal Anatomy; the complex illuminated!

Originally working in Cellular Pathology, Haematology, and Clinical Biochemistry, Narelle's postgraduate research lies in the functional anatomy of the lumbar spine and sacrum in health and dis-ease, including lumbopelvic stabilisation, and the neurophysiology of postural control. Most recently her work is strongly in-formed by the study of Embryology, together with readings and explorations within Biodynamic Osteopathy. Ongoingly, Narelle's research lies in the science and lived experience of scoliosis.She presents her research in yoga and scoliosis at international peer reviewed Conferences.

Narelle is in the process of completing her books on Yoga and Scoliosis-notes from the mat; The Embodied Figure 8 in Asana; and, An Embodied Ecology-photographic image and word. She is thrilled to offer her inaugural Yoga and Scoliosis Teacher Training during 2012 in Brisbane, Australia and in Salzburg, Austria.

Inhabiting a significant and circuitious scoliotic terrain, Narelle's practice is an ongoing exploration of spinal asymmetry, its functional, structural, physiologic and energetic sequelae; the felt, known encounter of conscious experience. She experiences the body as a physical hologram; vibratory, resonant, and utterly interconnected with our larger ecology.

Narelle can be reached at
Mob + 61 0434 862 088